Our music will spread out all over the world.

We are in Austin, the capital of live music.
We have been experienced for a long time with SXSW Music Festival, one of the three major music festivals in the United States. We've introduced many Korean musicians such as Red Velvet, f(x), MAMAMOO, CRAYON POP, HYUNA, YOON MIRAE, TIGER JK, EPIK HIGH, ZION T, JAY PARK, DEAN, YB, LOWDOWN 30, CRYING NUT, NO BRAIN, GUKKASTEN, LOVE X STEREO, GALAXY EXPRESS, WINDY CITY, THE GEEKS, ASIAN CHAIRSHOT, JAMBINAI, NELL and IDIOTAPE etc.

We've also presented ILLIONAIRE RECORDS' (DOK2 with THE QUETT) 2016 NO RE$T US TOUR and Epic High's 2015 NORTH AMERICAN TOUR in Dallas concert.

For upcoming year, 2018, we are currently planning  variety of projects to go one step further from a local concert promoting agency. Mandoo's Music Label is going to be one of the main upcoming projects . Selected musicians by audition will release worldwide albums throughout the year and they will be supported by us on their music promotion activities for both Music market in U.S and Korea .

Our experienced music business specialists will support every aspect of the record label  and artist production.



Producing single and regular albums throughout the year

Album Distribution and Marketing Support (222 countries around the world)

Collaborations with well-known Korean artists

Live performances in Austin and participation in US music festivals including SXSW, Austin City Limits and CMJ Music Marathon

Promoting various music festivals in Korea including Zandari Festa, Mucon, GMF, Jisan Rock Valley, Pentaport, Hip Hop Festival

Management of concert in the US and Korea

Content creation for Real-Life based web Video

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Supporting the moral, property rights and management of musicians (performers) such as copyright and property rights

General consultation for oversea musicians