Welcome to mandoo entertainment!


Established in 2006, Mandoo has dedicated itself to helping OUR COMMUNITY create memorable experiences across the nation.

Here at Mandoo Entertainment, you’ll find a diverse staff happy to help make your visions a reality. Initially founded as a platform for the promotion of Korean music artists in the United States, Mandoo has become known for its professional quality event coordination and audio visual stage set ups in the Austin area.

We offer a range of audio and visual services to best suit our client's needs. Be sure to check out the variety of packages we offer, or contact us for an individualized quote!

Why mandoo?

  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction.

  • Experienced and professional technical assistance for all of your questions and concerns.

  • We will pick up/deliver the equipment for free!

  • Though we are primarily located in Austin, Mandoo is committed to helping anyone with a vision reach their potential -and beyond! Email or call our offices to set up a consultation to see if we can help you succeed.